To help change the perception and understanding regarding Autistic spectrum disorder and learning disabilities, that will facilitate cultural changes within Kenyan communities. To see the child behind the diagnosis and give them a voice, rights, acceptance, social inclusion that leads to a better quality of life for those that have none !

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A photograph of the yellow rose planted by Cal for her friend Naomi

A photograph of the yellow rose planted by Cal for her friend Naomi

The Yellow Rose classroom is to be an integrated part of the full school called Topcrest Academy:

The children of Topcrest will be supported within the building until the Yellow Rose community fund raise to build their own school, which will be adapted to accommodate both mainstream and autistic children

My goal is to build and teach in the first integrated school in Mombasa Kenya so that autistic and disabled children are given the same opportunities educationally and become part of the community where they belong

The school will be self sufficient with live stock and crops, which will support the financial needs and educate the children in living skills to support them with their progress to becoming part of the community and to live a life they deserve and not locked away in their homes.

My vision for the future is for the children to be accepted within the community enhancing their quality of life.




“If you can develop this ability to see what you look at, to understand its meaning, to readjust your knowledge to this new information, you can continue to learn and to grow as long as you live and you'll have a wonderful time doing it.”

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, You Learn by Living




“Your child with autism has unlimited potential, just like everyone else.” – Dr. Temple Grandin

I dream of inclusion, I want to make that real

wording by Ben

wording by Ben




Our main vision is ‘see the child for their personality’ and ‘uniqueness’ - not by the diagnosis given. We so often are prejudiced by hearing the labels ADHD, Autism, and Autism Spectrum. At Topcrest and The Yellow Rose we endeavour to see the child, hear the name, see the smile, sense the fun, perceive the optimism.

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Yes….some subjects are indeed taught indoors! The Yellow Rose classroom, however, will have links to the full school, to the community, to the outdoors in general, with livestock and crops. The main aim of the teachers and supporters will be to promote resilience by teaching living skills, self help skills, communication skills.

Carolyn whom has a masters in autism will endeavour to give knowledge and support to teachers and parents so they can see the child and learn that their behaviour is not inappropriate behaviour it is communication

These children, now hidden away, will be proudly holding their head high, walking through the streets of Mombasa. We need to give these children a voice, their own voice.

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